NFL Week 10: Ravens vs. Seahawks


After coming off of a huge win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens enter week 10 with an air of superiority in the AFC North. Although the Bengals are technically still in first, they’ve yet to play the Steelers and Ravens.

The Ravens will look to continue their dominance with an easy win against the struggling Seahawks. But will a win against the Seahawks be as easy as expected?

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The Ravens are trying to show some consistency and win after beating an AFC power house in the Steelers. The Ravens fell into a trap game in week two and put up an egg in Tennessee after a strong showing against Pittsburgh in week one. This situation seems all too familiar and the Ravens must be weary of history repeating itself.

This week, the Seahawks will try to upset the heavily favored Ravens. But is such a statement a preposterous hypothesis? Of course not. This is the NFL and anything can happen. As previously mentioned, the Ravens have experienced this first hand twice this season against the Titans and Jaguars and they don’t want it to happen against Seattle.

Believe it or not, but Baltimore has learned from these shortcomings. They’re determined to show that they can be consistent by starting a big winning streak. While Seattle most certainly has a shot at winning, it’s very small considering how fired up the Ravens are to avenge their two losses from earlier this season. The Ravens are starting to develop their offensive prowess and can show consistency and build confidence with a win here. It’s important for them to get into a rhythm at the midpoint of the season. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty and anything can happen within the division. For the Ravens to come out of this with a win would be huge as it gets the momentum train moving towards Cincinnati next week.

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