Purple Passion: Coaching must be considered as a part of the problem.


Time after time we have heard many reasons, or excuses, why the Ravens lost games to teams who should have been easily beaten. “We just didn’t execute, we can’t turn the ball over, the Ravens play down to their opponents,” blah, blah, blah. All of these statements are just smoke screens to hide the poor coaching and lack of mental preparation of the players for games the Ravens should have easily won. The coaches have done a bad job in preparing and motivating the players when facing a team with less talent, and less be honest, teams which the Ravens should have beaten badly. But the Jaguars, Titans and Seahawks all had one thing in common, they were more inspired and determined to play big and not believe the hype that they were inferior. The Ravens couldn’t match that intensity. Sure the turnovers hurt in the loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but the Ravens still had opportunities to win that game. I suspect they won’t have any problems in matching the Cincinnati Bengal’s intensity this Sunday since they are playing at home, but what about the next road game or the next team with a losing record, will the coaches show up? Let’s hope so.