Ray Lewis Injury Update


It came as no surprise that Ray Lewis was not going to play Sunday as his toe injury was reported earlier that week. Moving forward, the Ravens are preparing to face the 49ers on Thanksgiving day with a short week. This means less time for players to get ready and less time for Ray Lewis to heal. While Lewis was going to play Sunday if it wasn’t for doctors encouraging him not to, he may have to rethink things for the game this Thursday…

You could definitely tell that Ray Lewis was not on the field on Sunday. Not so much on a production standpoint but more as a leader. The defense looked disorganized at times and even had to call a timeout because of improper allignment. This is something you don’t see when 52 is on the field. He’s always rallying the troops, getting them to their spots, and calling audibles if need be.

The thing that worries me if Ray Lewis does decide to play is that he won’t be 100%. You’ll get the needed leadership on defense (something that will be needed against a young, tough, and motivated 49ers team) but give the offense a weakness to pinpoint. With a toe injury, Lewis loses the speed needed to cover receivers and fill holes. You also risk further injury that could keep him out into the playoffs, a place where the Ravens will not last long without Lewis.

While the status of his injury will remain hush hush for the rest of the week, one wonders how serious it is and if it will effect his play should he choose to suit up Thursday. Sugar Ray has a lot of heart and is always willing to play through injury, but is it worth it in the long run?

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