Purple Passion: Joe Flacco’s Emergence


The Cincinnati Bengals came to Baltimore seeking a victory to propel them past the Ravens in the AFC North.  Instead, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens pulled out a nail biting, 31-24 victory before a frenzied crowd.  The iconic leader of the Ravens has always been Ray Lewis, but now it looks like Joe Cool is beginning to morph into the quarterback that so many fans have hoped for over the past several years.

The discussion of whether Joe Flacco has skills of a great or elite quarterback is secondary to his ability to lead this team to a Super Bowl victory.  Naturally, old and recent memories dance in our minds of Flacco’s happy feet under pressure, his inability to hold onto the ball, and most importantly his bad decision making, but Flacco is starting to grow into a leader and winner despite some bad losses to some under achieving teams.  While Flacco’s critics will continue to hound him for lapses in judgment and a lack of consistency, his improved play demonstrates his steady transformation into a quarterback who can put up big numbers or march his team down the field to win games.  His cool presence and increased ability to avoid sacks and read defenses has made the Ravens a formidable team which makes preparing for them more difficult.

The Ravens’ fans are passionate about their football team and they have yearned for many years to have a quarterback who can take command and win games. It would be hard for most fans to deny they now have a quiet confidence that Joe can guide the Ravens to victory in the worst circumstances.  It’s still too early to determine how the season will play out, but the improved play of Joe Flacco and the offense has the team in a great position to win the division and finally capable of going deep into the playoffs.

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