John’s Ravens Defeat Brother Jim’s 49ers In Harbaugh Bowl


Whether the coaches say so or not, there was a lot more on the line than just a football game this Thanksgiving. This was for family bragging rights. This was for pride.

In a largely defensive battle, the Baltimore Ravens were able to defeat the San Francisco 49ers 16-6. The game was led by Baltimore’s front seven who held Frank Gore to 39 rushing yards and tied a franchise record with nine sacks. T-Sizzle had three of those and earned MVP status for the game, winning the fabled Pudding Pie award.

The Ravens followed up on their solid offensive performance against the Bengals with a well balanced one against the 49ers. They stuck to the running game and I only cursed Cam Cameron’s name twice. Flacco made some excellent throws and the receivers made big plays.

Lee Evans caught his first pass since September to convert on an extremely critical third down. It was great to see him on the field and he should slowly work back into the offense during the next few weeks.

Ricky Williams has become a great compliment to Ray Rice. He’s an excellent pass blocker and a more traditional back that can lower the boom. He had several key runs that kept the chains moving in Thursday’s contest.

Although it’s great that the Ravens beat another quality opponent in the 9-2 49ers, what worries me more is the 4-6 Cleveland Browns next week. The Ravens are 0-3 when playing less than .500 teams on the road and Browns match that description. It will be interesting if they can prove the doubters wrong and change the tune of this season towards the path of the Lombardi.

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