Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns: Pregame Notes


We all know how the Ravens perform against poor teams…

I think this week is going to be different, though, as long as one condition is met: the Ravens MUST focus on shutting down Peyton Hillis.  This is for two reasons: first, he seems to be an asshole and second, he is a strong, quick running back who’s injury-plagued season could be ready for a turn around.  Seemingly unappreciated in Cleveland and accused of being a team distraction, Hillis will likely be let go as Browns will probably decide to try for Trent Richardson in the 12′ draft.  This should fire him up…

Or, maybe he’ll just be running for his favorite presidential candidate, who’s garb he wears around the Browns locker room:

“Ron Paul,” Hillis said, simply. “He represents the constitution and what it needs to be.”

Now I will list the reasons he seems like an asshole:

Hillis was traded from the Broncos for hitting on Josh McDaniels’ wife.  Oops.

Hillis was seen throwing passes during pre-game warm ups against the 49ers despite being ruled inactive to play.  It is speculated that he took himself out of the game on the advice of his agent.

Hillis decided to elope to Arkansas (WHO ELOPES TO ARKANSAS?) instead of coming in for hamstring treatment.  In comparison, “cornerback Joe Haden underwent eight hours of treatment on his knee some days to get ready for the Seattle game Oct. 23.”

Also, “A source said Hillis was recently late to a team meeting on top of his other erratic behaviors. On Monday night, he missed a scheduled appearance at the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland’s Halloween party and issued an apology Wednesday.”  HE DISAPPOINTED LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS! As former Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley tweeted:

Could this just be a result of the Madden curse, or is this guy just, well, an asshole.

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