Sunday’s Games Should Clarify AFC Playoff Race


The AFC playoff race is as close as ever this season. With the four AFC leaders tied at 8-3 and two 7-4 teams following close behind, anything can happen in the next five weeks. There’s teams hanging by threads, teams that need help, and teams who control their own destiny.

Currently the AFC North is represented by three playoff teams (Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cincinnati Bengals) if the season ended today. One of those three teams will take a back seat after Sunday and one should emerge as the favorite. The Bengals chances of making the playoffs dramatically decrease if they lose against the Steelers as the Broncos, Titans, and Jets are nipping at their heals for that wild card spot. Those three aforementioned teams are already in playoff mode as losing a game cuts just about every thread they’re hanging on to.

Who would have ever thought the Texans would be the number one seed in week 13? But hold the phone folks. They’re down to their third string quarterback, T.J. Yates. You’d have to think that they’ll start dropping some games with an unexperienced quarterback at the helm, but stranger things have happened. As they take on a fierce opponent in the Atlanta Falcons, the Texans will do everything they can to stay on top of the AFC.

The New England Patriots vs. The Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady vs……….Dan Orlovsky? While Patriots and Colts games are usually the best of the year, this one looks to be a bit different. The winless Colts will take on the 8-3 Patriots but this is still a rivalry nonetheless. Anything can happen in a rivalry game so if by some miracle the Colts take this one, The Ravens become the favorites in the AFC.

There’s a lot of great games this week so make sure to pay attention to the ticker on the bottom of your screen. Continue to check back with Ebony Bird on Twitter  to receive updates on the Ravens and the rest of NFL. Also, like us on Facebook for all news, NFL and Ravens and make sure to +1 our articles!