Each week, I contact the editor of the FanSided team blog the Ravens ..."/>

Each week, I contact the editor of the FanSided team blog the Ravens ..."/>

Know Your Enemy: San Diego Chargers


Each week, I contact the editor of the FanSided team blog the Ravens are playing that Week.  This week I wrote five questions to Ernie Padaon, editor of the Chargers blog BoltBeat.  Read what he has to say about the rivalry and more.

1. What matchups are you most looking forward to?

"The biggest matchup I am interested in is with your former offensive lineman Jared Gaither vs Terrell Suggs. The addition of Gather onto the roster has helped our offense look like what everyone expected. Philip Rivers has had some time to throw the ball and Ryan Mathews is running the ball really strong."

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2. Phillip Rivers has had an off season this year. Why do you think this is?

"He hasn’t had a lot of time to throw at the beginning of the year, but he was in a fat slump and just kept finding ways to turn the ball over. He was making a lot of poor decisions with the football."

3. The Chargers have been known for playing terribly in the beginning of the season and turning it around towards the end. This season was quite the contrary and the Chargers never recovered after the quick start. What was the problem this season and what’s the reason for their lack of success?

"We have turned it on the last couple of games and their is a very slight chance that we can sneak into the playoffs, but we need a lot of help. The biggest reason why we have not been successful is Philip Rivers. Because Philip has not had the year that we normally would expect, the rest of the team has suffered to produce."

4.What worries you most about the Ravens on offense and defense? Where do they best exploit the Chargers’ weaknesses?

"Ray Rice will be tough for our defense to stop. Our 2 starting middle linebackers, Takeo Spikes and Donald Butler, have missed practice the last couple of games and that sounds like a big game for Rice.On offense, I know that Ray Ray will be back this week and that sounds like trouble. Ray Lewis has always given us trouble and Ryan Mathews sure likes to put that football on the ground."

5. Any predictions? Do you think this will be a close game or a blow out?

"Chargers will be winning this ballgame. We need it more and you guys don’t do well on the road."

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