Chargers Carve Up Ravens; Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With 34-14 Win


Coming into Sunday night’s game, The Ravens had a golden path to the playoffs as they could ensure the number one seed in the AFC by winning out. It didn’t take to long to find out that that path was gilded as they looked anything but flawless. The Ravens dropped a big one and now need Pittsburgh to lose a game if they want a chance at the one seed. Ladies and Gentlemen, break out your 49ers gear because Monday night determines the Ravens’ season.

The Ravens failed in all three phases miserably. Phillip Rivers made the secondary look like they belonged in highschool and Joe Flacco couldn’t get anything positive going. To put it simply, it was the kind of performance that made you feel sick to your stomach. The Ravens have been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this season, looking like Super Bowl teams one moment and laughing stocks the next.

All of the Ravens losses this season came in the same fashion, on the road. Considering that the Ravens will now most likely be the 5th seed and travel on the road throughout the playoffs, this does not feel good. I’m not losing all hope but the Ravens chance at a Super Bowl this year just dropped tremendously. It’s practically impossible to beat them at home and a first round bye would ensure a deep playoff push. Now they need Pittsburgh to lose one of their next three games while the Ravens win out. Their next three opponents are the 49ers, Rams, and Browns. I’ll put my money on the 49ers for giving them the best run for their money.

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