There isn't much to say for tonight's game.  Win and keep pace with the unbalanced New ..."/> There isn't much to say for tonight's game.  Win and keep pace with the unbalanced New ..."/>

Gatorade for Pagano


There isn’t much to say for tonight’s game.  Win and keep pace with the unbalanced New England Patriots (and keep pressure on the hopefully Roethlisberger-less Pittsburg Steelers).  Lose and risk being the 5th seed again entering the playoffs as road-warriors.

The Chargers are a talented team.  But they sometimes underachieve – sound familiar?  But, this is money-time.  The Ravens want that number one seed.  They are fired up for win number 11.

No one needs to worry about a let down today.  This is a Sunday Night game (I hope we’re wearing Black).  The entire nation will be watching.  Terrell Suggs is getting buzz as the leading candidate for Defensive MVP – you know he’s licking his chops to pad his stats against “Mr. Softy” Jarid Gaither.

Not to mention that Chuck Pagano’s big brother, John is the linebacker’s coach for the Chargers and Chuck is 1-6 all-time in this latest edition of Raven coaches’ sibling rivalries.

After watching the defense’s performance for John Harbaugh in the Harbaugh Bowl against the 49ers, I shutter to think the type of violence and domination that will be displayed tonight for Pagano.  The players always say that coach has their back, so for the dubbed Italian-coach with a lot of swagger, you know the defense wants to step up big.

Imagine if Ray Lewis plays to blow the roof off a team (and a defense) that is poised to show the world – one again – that this is their year.

The Chargers have the 23rd ranked rush defense, but I have this sneaking suspicion that Joe Flacco is going to have a day (perhaps to Lee Evans).

Prediction: Ravens 26, Chargers 13

Joe Flacco: 24 for 38, 294 yards, 3 TD’s, 1 INT, 9 for 16 on Third Down

Terrell Suggs: 2 sacks, 1 FF, 3 tackles for loss

Ed Reed: 1 INT

Ray Lewis: plays

Lardarius Webb: plays

Chuck Pagano: Gatorade Bath

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