Purple Passion: Ravens Implode at San Diego


After the beat down the Ravens suffered before a nationally televised audience at San Diego, it’s hard to find anything positive to say. Oh wait! They clinched a playoff spot after the Jets were dismantled.  I am sure the players and coaches will be singing the same old songs we have heard time and time again after each defeat.  Well here is my take on the lost to San Diego. The Ravens are not ready for prime time and they will not go far in the playoffs if they don’t take their game to the next level!!

Yes they are a good team and yes they have had another very good season.  But the prize is the Super Bowl.  Until the Ravens can consistently handle quality teams or “elite” type quarterbacks, they will just be another good team who will always wonder, what if, as they watch other teams move through the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The Ravens were unable to match the intensity of the moment, as usual, and looked like the football version of the Bad News Bears.  They weren’t even competitive for most of the game.  If the Ravens can falter on this level in week 15, how will they match the intensity of the elite teams in the playoffs?  This lost wasn’t one dimensional, the Ravens played poorly in every facet of the game.  Flacco looked like his old self with a poor offensive performance and an ineffective offensive line in front of him.  The defense was getting burned all day while allowing Philip Rivers to stand in the pocket with time to order a pizza.  Special teams continue to struggle and Billy Cundiff may be on his way out at the end of the season.  The coaching staff was predictable and showed no vision or creativity.  They stuck to their guns and ran the same old plays, hoping the Chargers would fall asleep from boredom and allow the Ravens to score.

No one knows for sure how the last two NFL games will unfold, but Ravens fans are grateful to San Francisco for beating the Steelers last night.  Yes the Ravens are going to the playoffs again, but it’s just not good enough if they don’t reach the Super Bowl with the team and talent they have.  Let’s all hope the game against the Chargers was just a blip in their playoff run to the Super Bowl.  Otherwise, the fans will begin to dream and wonder, “will next year be the year of the Ravens.”

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