Purple Passion: Can Joe Take The Reins and Lead?


The offensive woes throughout the Ravens 2011 season have many Baltimore Ravens fans very nervous about this Sunday’s matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Ravens’ defensive play has dropped off over the past two games and have many  fans wondering if they have enough left in the tank to beat the Bengals and secure a second, or possibly a first round seed in the playoffs.  We can only hope the Ravens will shift into another gear and finally play the kind of consistent football we have dreamed of and desired for so many years.  The Bengals have played very well this year and are capable of beating quality teams, especially on their home field.  With the added motivation of clinching a playoff spot, the Bengals will not roll over, but they will play like men on a mission as they try to make it to the big dance.  Who will take the reins and guide the Ravens past the Bengals and possibly to the AFC championship game?  I say Joe Flacco must be that warrior.

Joe Flacco has been at the center of criticism and controversy when the Ravens play poorly on offense.   His lack luster performances and catatonic like personality during times when he should be motivating the offense drive many fans mad.  Does Cam Cameron play a role for the offensive ineptness and deserve some of the blame for poor play calling and getting plays in too slowly, absolutely.  But it’s time for Flacco to grow a pair on the field and show Cam Cameron he is capable of winning the game on Sunday.  The Bengals will not play soft and the Ravens need a leader to get the troops riled up and eager to deflate the Bengals hopes of making the playoffs quickly and often.  Joe Flacco cannot wait for Cam or Harbaugh to take the kid gloves off; he must remove them himself and burn them with every first down and touchdown he throws.  He must exude confidence even when he has been sacked on several occasions and let his team know he will not succumb to the pressure of a bad play or moment, but rather, he will take the pressure on his shoulders and lead this team to a victory!!

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