Ravens vs. Bengals: Are You Nervous?


Week 17 in the NFL is a week that makes grown men shiver and bite their nails. For just about every team, something big is on the line. Whether it’s the last playoff spot, the number one draft pick, or just simply pride, there’s always something to play for. This is no different for these two AFC North foes. For the Bengals, a playoff spot is almost in their grasp while for the Ravens, a much needed week off and a stadium that hasn’t seen a playoff game since 2006 awaits. You couldn’t write a better script…

I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t nervous about this one. The Ravens are not even above .500 on the road this season and have a knack for playing down to their opponents. They screwed up big time against the Chargers and are now given what every athlete dreams of…a second chance. After the 49ers took care of the Steelers the following night, the Ravens lost only one seed position to the Patriots and were still able to get a first round bye and a home playoff game if they took care of business. I emphasize the word “if” because it’s not a guarantee the way the Ravens have been playing. Last time I checked, a late forth quarter scare against the Cleveland Browns is not my definition of taking care of business. If Baltimore wants the Lombardi strolling through its streets, the Ravens need to get through the Bengals. As much as my heart wants to think this is a walk in the park, my brain tells me otherwise. The Bengals are a force to be reckoned with and will not go quietly.

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