Purple Passion: Ravens Playoffs, Enjoying the moment.


I am sure everyone has either heard comments or read articles referring to Ray Lewis and Ed Reed’s declining football skills and the suggestion they should be pulled off the field on certain situations.  I can’t disagree.   It would be hard to find too many Ravens’ fans who don’t love and admire both of these future hall of fame players, but if they become a liability and decrease the Ravens’ chances of going to the Super Bowl, then adjustments should be made.  How that’s done to maintain the same defensive intensity will rest on the shoulders of the coaches.  Its playoff football in Baltimore and the Ravens are in a strong position to make it to Indianapolis.

Enough said about that.  Now let’s talk about the playoffs and the AFC North Champions, your Baltimore Ravens.  Every true fan lives for these moments, the playoffs.  Who’s in, who’s not?  Who will prevail, who will fail?  It’s great to be a Baltimore Raven fan, knowing we have a playoff caliber team which has made it to the playoffs four straight years.  Its great knowing our team is competitive with the best in the league and we have a chance to win the Lombardi Trophy.  Yes these are great times.  The teams that didn’t have a great year or didn’t make it to the playoffs are no doubt disappointed and probably are wondering, “What must we do to make it to the big dance next year.”   But not the Ravens, not this year.  We are back and ready to take the next step.  So when the football critics finish their predictions and analogies of who will win and analyzing older players, just remember it’s the playoffs and enjoy the moment.

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