Purple Passion: Ravens lose, but Flacco shines!!


There’s not a whole lot to say about the Ravens’ loss which will be comforting to anyone.  I know Ravens’ fans everywhere are heartbroken today.  To lose to the Patriots in the manner we did just takes the heart right out of you.  I applaud the entire team; they played well at New England before a hostile crowd.  The defense did enough to keep us competitive and the offense looked good.  Let’s not focus on the dropped passes, the missed field goals and the stupid penalties…it happens.  But this time Joe Flacco played a great game and key players let him down.  I understand you win and lose as a team, that’s what the leaders are supposed to say.  But let’s not fool ourselves, the missed field goal and the dropped touchdown pass at the end of the game is not the team’s fault.   It’s understandable that there is a lot of pressure during big games, like the AFC Championship, but great teams and great players make great plays when faced with pressure and adversity.  That’s how Super Bowl Champions are made.

Joe Flacco played well and he should be commended for how he handled the pressure. He faced a lot of criticism and wasn’t even considered as a key player to win the game. But he was, he had the right play at the right time and we know how that turned out. Thank you Joe Flacco for showing your critics (myself included) that you are more than capable of winning the big games and leading us to a Super Bowl.  Until next year.

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