Peyton Manning to Denver…Colts make a mistake!!


It’s hard to imagine Peyton Manning not playing football with the Colts. It’s even harder to understand why the organization wouldn’t fight to keep him. The Colts may just as well end up being the losers in this scenario while Denver will be smiling triumphantly. If Peyton Manning can still play football you must give him the ball and let him continue to win games and possibly win another Super Bowl. It’s understandable that Peyton’s age and multiple neck surgeries would have the Colts’ Franchise concerned. But to let your star player walk without having a viable replacement just isn’t smart. The Colts are willing to roll the dice with Andrew Luck; an unproven college quarterbacks who has never played in a NFL game. History has taught us that some of the most sought after college quarterbacks have been busts in the NFL.  You have to consider how quickly this young quarterback can learn the system, develop chemistry with his receivers and learn how to play football with the big boys.  Only time will tell if this move was the right decision for the organization.

The Denver Broncos did what other teams attempted to do; they went after Peyton and courted him to play for the Broncos by paying him big money, 90 million dollars over five years. Wow, of course there are risks with this deal when you consider Peyton’s overall health and the unknowns, but the goal is to win games now and make it to the playoffs. Peyton Manning is still one of the most intelligent and electrifying quarterbacks to ever play the game of football and Denver did what they had to do as they attempt to recapture the glory years when John Elway was the quarterback. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for acquiring a great football player and recognizing that Peyton gives them a great chance to turn the corner.

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