Will Joe Flacco’s Kid Have An Effect On His 2012 Performance?


Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco recently became a father. This major life-changing milestone is sure to have its effect off the field, but what will it do to Joe on the field?

With little news this offseason, why not question what possible ramifications will result from the newest addition to the Flacco family? There’s a few effects, if any, I can see happening to Joe this season due to the birth of his child. Having a child results in a great increase of responsibility. Joe’s natural parenting intuition will kick in and may cross over on to the field. This could be a positive as Joe will take a bigger leadership role and better command the offense. However, it could hurt his play as a increase in pre-cautious instincts will limit risky throws and cause too tentative play.

While it may seems silly and it’s unlikely that it will make a huge difference, any possible impact should be noted.

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