Joe Theismann Picks Ravens For The Super Bowl


"You can be the first to write it: I believe the Ravens will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, I did this in 2000, you know? – Joe Theismann"

Former Redskins’ quarterback Joe Theismann thinks the Baltimore Ravens will be in the Super Bowl this year. And this isn’t the first time Theismann has made a bold prediction involving the Ravens and the Super Bowl. Theismann accurately predicted that the Ravens would win Super Bowl XXXV over the New York Giants.

"I like the Ravens, they’re getting better with Torrey Smith. Joe Flacco has played in a tough division for four seasons and is used to facing great defenses like the Pittsburgh Steelers twice a year…They’ve put together a darn good offensive line that got old and got better again. They’ve got one of the best running backs in football in Ray Rice. They’ve got a wide receiving corps that can threaten down the field. With a defense like the Ravens, they’ll make somebody pay the price."

The Ravens became very close to the Super Bowl last season as they were defeated by the Patriots in the AFC Championship after wide receiver Lee Evans dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass and former Pro Bowl kicker Billy Cundiff missed an easy chip shot that could have sent the game to overtime. Since then, there has been some changes to the reigning AFC North Champs. NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Terrell Suggs, tore his Achilles tendon and will miss most, if not, all of the 2012 season. Additionally, new defensive coordinator Dean Pees has taken over for Chuck Pagano who is now the head coach in Indianapolis.

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