Could Jim Leonhard Return To Baltimore?


Former Baltimore Ravens’ safety Jim Leonhard joined Rex Ryan the New York Jets in 2008. This past season, Leonhard after tore the patellar tendon in his knee and required major, season-ending knee surgery. Now, the Jets have announced that they will not re-sign Leonhard after three seasons in New York.

Although the Ravens currently have some good decent depth at safety, would it be ridiculous for them to consider signing Jim Leonhard? Though not a necessity at the moment, Jim Leonhard could be a solid pickup for the Ravens. While his knee injury is a cause for concern, Leonhard has showed over the past few seasons that he is a reliable and consistent player that can help a team’s secondary. I could see Leonhard play a significant role with the Ravens as a backup and on special teams. He has experience with the Ravens as he started 13 games in 2008, and could probably be acquired for fairly cheap.

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