Rookie Watch: Grading The 2012 Rookie Class Weekly; Preseason Week 1


After one week, lets take another look at the Ravens rookies.(last weeks grade in parenthesis).

Round 2

Courtney Upshaw- Im dropping Upshaw one level, just like i will for Bernard Pierce) because he did not play this week. Upshaw is back in practice now and should see a big spike next week.
Grade: C+(B-)

Kelechi Osemele- KO had a very good debut this week. of the five starting OL players(Oher, Williams, Gradkowski, Yanda, KO), he had the best game. he only allowed one pressure(which ended up being a sack when Flacco tripped on Bobbie Williams leg). aside from that play he was near perfect. KO has a bright bright future for the Ravens.
Grade: A+(A)

Round 3

Bernard Pierce- Im going to take pierce down one grade because of his injury status for the game. Pierce is back in practice now and should have a clear path to the backup RB role. i expect a big jump after next weeks game.
Grade: C-(C)

Round 4

Gino Gradkowski- Gradkowski started at C in his first ever game, and he struggled in the role. he had several miscommunications that led to pressures and allowed 1 sack of Flacco. Gino did look good when he got the assignment right, and he showed a lot of potential for improvement.
Grade: C+(B)

Christian Thompson- Thompson had 2 tackles in his debut and also tipped a pass. it was a quiet night for him, but he didn’t do anything to hurt himself.
Grade: B-(C+)

Round 5

Asa Jackson- Jackson looked like a special teams stud this week. he made a heady play to down a punt inside the 5(it was later ruled a touchback because his heels were in the endzone, but it was still a good sign). He also made 2 tackles and downed another punt. He had a couple of good plays at corner as well.
Grade: A(C)

Round 6

Tommy Streeter- Streeter struggled in his debut. his speed was obvious, but it was also obvious that he doesnt fully understand the offense and was having to think to much which slowed him down. he needs to improve quickly to ensure a roster spot for himself.
Grade: D-(D-)

Round 7

Deangelo Tyson- Tyson looked good during week one. he served his role as a space eater well and he made himself a nuisance in the run game. he could be a good rotation piece for the Ravens.
Grade: B(B-)

Notable UDFAs

Deonte Thompson- Thompson had a great game this week. he was open consistently on deep routes and in addition to his 3 receptions for 53 yards and a TD, he also drew a big penalty on a pass interference call when his jersey was grabbed to prevent him from making a big catch. Thompson took another step towards making the final 53 man roster.
Grade: A-(B)
Nigel Carr- Carr had some good and bad spots in the first preseason game, he needs to continue to work on his game to make the roster.
Grade: C+(C+)
Bobby Rainey- Rainey was one of the brightest stars in the Ravens first preseason game. he netted 12 rushes for 36 yards, 3 catches for 28 yards and a scored and had a couple decent returns.
Grade: B+(B-)
Justin Tucker- Tucker was perfect in his first game as a Raven.
Grade: A+(A+)
Omar Brown- Most fans had probably never heard of Omar Brown before thursday, he was an unheralded UDFA signed in April. Brown made himself known in a big way in his first game netting a hat trick of turnovers. He picked off a pass and and recovered 2 fumbles, not to shabby for a rookie. Brown should get more playtime against higher level competition next week.
Grade: A(not ranked)