Rookie Watch: Grading The 2012 Rookie Class Weekly; Preseason Week 3


After another week week, lets take another look at the Ravens rookies.(last weeks grade in parenthesis).

Round 2

Courtney Upshaw- Upshaw didnt look like an all pro in his debut, but he didnt look as bad as some people would lead you to beleive. Upshaw had good pad level and showed Elite strength, but he looked a bit wide eyed and timid. expect a much better showing from him week 3.
Grade: B-(C+)

Kelechi Osemele- KO looked good again this week. he struggled against Cliff Avril on a couple of plays but all in all he had a good game and continues to give the coaching staff a tough decision to make. KO or Bryant McKinney? as long as KO is starting on the RT, Bryant is riding the bench.
Grade: A+(A+)

Round 3

Bernard Pierce- 4 carries for 1 yard, who cares? Pierce looked awesome this week. when the worst play you have in a game is one where you made the rookie mistake of trying to do to much instead of just going down, you are doing pretty good.
Grade: B-(C-)

Round 4

Gino Gradkowski- Gradkowski played better week 2. he got a little time against the first team defense of the Lions and he seemed much more comfortable and in control than he did last week(against a much better front four no less). Gradkowski needs a bit of time to grow, but he looks like a good reliable player.
Grade: B(C+)

Christian Thompson- Another quiet night for Thompson, but not a bad game. he didnt really do anything special either. just a decent night for him.
Grade: C+(B-)

Round 5

Asa Jackson- Jackson looks more and more like a steal. he netted 2 more tackles and broke up a pass but his biggest flashes were on punt returns. he had a 40 yard punt return and a long return TD that was called back on a Nigel Carr holding penalty.
Grade: A(A)

Round 6

Tommy Streeter- Streeter struggled again in week two and didn’t log a single catch. He did however make a nice block on a Tyrod Taylor run and ran his routes significantly better than he did last week.
Grade: D-(D-)

Round 7

Deangelo Tyson- Tyson logged just one tackle, but he didn’t have any negative plays. he isn’t exactly making a big splash, but he continues to look like a solid backup.
Grade: B(B)

Notable UDFAs

Deonte Thompson- Thompson didnt have a single reception, but his stock actually went up thanks to a nice 40+ yard kick return in the second half. The Ravens still arent settled in the return game and Thompsons ability to retun kicks might give him an edge in the WR battle.
Grade: A(A-)
Nigel Carr- Carr has unraveled a bit as training camp has gone on. he came in looking like the next great Ravens UDFA, now i doubt he makes the roster. Carr was repeatedly playing catchup and committed a terrible hold on an Asa Jackson return TD that got called back.
Grade: C-(C+)
Bobby Rainey- Rainey didn’t look as good as he did last week, but he still looked better than Anthony Allen who is quickly losing his grip on a roster spot.
Grade: B(B+)
Justin Tucker- Tucker was perfect again.
Grade: A+(A+)
Omar Brown- Week one Brown nets three turnovers, week two he nets 1 turnover and 2 loose ball recoveries(1 onside kick and one blocked punt). this guy is always around the ball. It would take a monumental collapse for him to lose his roster spot.
Grade: A+(A)