Jags @ Ravens: Halftime notes.


-Jacoby Jones has speed- Jones had a nifty 51 yard return late in the half where he showed off tremendous speed, he was about half a step away from taking it all the way before being pushed out of bounds. he also registered a nice sideline catch in the fist quarter where he showed off some improved hands.

-Rare Doss sighting in Baltimore- Tandon Doss has been a fan favorite for over a year now and he has finally done something on an NFL field. he made back to back catches on a couple of nice routes. The ball does not wiggle an millimeter once it hits his hands, but he has to stay healthy.

-Rice looks great- Ray Rice only played for a short period of time but he looked like his usual explosive self. netting 2 carries for 30 yards and a nice screen pass that he took about 13 yards down to the Jaguars 5 yard line.

-Torrey is about to explode- Torrey Smith isnt just a deep runner anymore. he has 5 catches for 56 yards and none of those were on deep routes. Smith has had a monster game and lookes primed for a huge season.

-Boldin continues to look strong- Boldin has 3 catches for 39 yards and snagged an easy TD, he looks healthy and fast.

-Flacco is razor sharp- Flacco is 20/27 for 197 yards 1 TD and 1 INT and he has been significantly better than those stats indicate. his throws have been excellent and on point. he has completed passes to basically the entire depth chart(9 different receivers), his sideline throws are un-defendable. his INT was a heave to end the quarter, no big deal there.

-Webb is the best corner in football- I said it. Revis is great but his run defense isnt close to being on Webbs level. Webb should pick up where he left off last season with excellent play.

-Pollard looks great- through the first half it seemed like 2 players were in on every single play. Pollard and Webb. Pollard was making plays all over the place.