Ravens Make First Round of Cuts, More Coming Soon


The Ravens trimmed their roster down to 81 today.

The biggest cut was certainly Billy Cundiff. Cundiff had had a great training camp and preseason, but the promise of a young rookie with massive potential was too good to pass up and the Ravens kept UDFA Justin Tucker over incumbent Billy Cundiff. The move wasnt much of a surprise after the the Ravens elected to allow Tucker to kick every FG, extra point and kickoff in their third preseason game. After the game, Cundiff might have sealed his fate, or at least made the decision easier, by saying that if the Ravens didnt appreciate him than he would take his services elsewhere. That is pretty much the opposite of how the Ravens want their players to talk to the media. Cundiff will land with another team at some point in the next few days. If ever there was a team and a player that both needed fresh starts, it was the Ravens and Billy Cundiff, this was unequivocally the right decision. I think Ravens fans should remember to take the high road here. there is no reason at this point to resent Cundiff, he was a classy guy for the team and he gave the team his best for 2 1/2 seasons. Let me be the first to say, Thanks Billy, you represented the Ravens well.

The other 8 cuts were mostly incosequential. the biggest name was center Cecil Newton, brother of Panthers QB Cam Newton. Davon Drew is also a name most Ravens fans will recognize as he has seen some play time over the past couple years, but he has been out played by Billy Bajema in the preseason and lost his job. Devin Goda, Addison Lawrence, Jordan Maybin, Chester Williams, Patrick Scales and Patrick Williams.