Rookie Watch: Grading the Rookie Class Week by Week; Preseason Week 3


After another week week, lets take another look at the Ravens rookies.(last weeks grade in parenthesis).

Round 2

Courtney Upshaw- Upshaw looked much more comfortable this week. he has lost the starting job, but he will be a key player for the team this year and will still see heavy play time. he might play quite a bit this week.
Grade: B(B-)

Kelechi Osemele- KO keeps looking like the Ravens best rookie. he played at G this week and was an absolute mauler. he will start for the Ravens by the end of the season.
Grade: A+(A+)

Round 3

Bernard Pierce- Pierce has clearly won the Ravens backup RB job, he needs to improve so be patient with him, but he has a bright future.
Grade: B-(B-)

Round 4

Gino Gradkowski- Gradkowski has improved each week and has solidified himself as the Ravens next center. Gradkowski isn’t going anywhere. he should play most of the game this week.
Grade: B(C+)

Christian Thompson- Another quiet night for Thompson, just 2 tackles. he has been struggling to make an impact, but i would be surprised if the Ravens dont at least give him a year to make his mark. Thompson should get tons of play time this week.
Grade: C (C+)

Round 5

Asa Jackson- Jackson didnt have a big game like last week, but he still looked solid in coverage but didnt return any punts or kicks. Jackson might be returning most of the kicks next week.
Grade: A-(A)

Round 6

Tommy Streeter- Streeter finally broke through this week with back to back catches including a 33 yard TD on a slant route where he showed some playmaking ability. Streeter will be on the roster. Streeter should play most of the game next week.
Grade: C(D-)

Round 7

Deangelo Tyson- Tyson had his best game in the preseason logging 2 tackles and a sack. Tyson will be on the Ravens roster this year.
Grade: B(B)

Notable UDFAs

Deonte Thompson- Thompson had just one reception for the second week in a row, but he also had a monster kickoff return that he almost took to the house. Harbaugh hinted that the team might keep 7 WRs, if i had to guess, Thompson will be one of those 7.
Grade: A(A)
Nigel Carr- Carr has a pretty decent chance of getting cut on either Monday or Friday this week. Carr has continued to underwhelm in the preseason after having a great offseason.
Grade: D(C-)
Bobby Rainey- Rainey looks like he has taken over as the teams RB3, this likely means the end for Ant Allen as a Raven. His TD catch and run was awesome.
Grade: A(B+)
Justin Tucker- Tucker has beaten out Billy Cundiff for the starting job after playing perfectly in week 3. his 53 yard FG would have been good from 60+
Grade: A+(A+)
Omar Brown- Brown didnt have a monster game, but he looked good again and thanks to injuries to Sean Considine and Emmanuel Cook, Brown looks more and more likely to earn a roster spot.
Grade: A-(A+)