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Orioles Magic is Back!!


An Article written in the “Capital New York” back in August compared the Baltimore Orioles to the movie Major League, writing: “The Orioles story is almost like the movie Major League, with the victimized fan base, the reviled owner and the years of losing, especially to the Yankees.”  Like the movie, the players on the Orioles were once considered to be average players and in some instances, just simply “bad” players who would soon be seeking new career paths.  Most fans in Baltimore and throughout the baseball world agreed and would readily admit that most of the Orioles were not household names. Who are these players, Mark Reynolds, Robert Adino, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Matt Wieters? How do they manage to keep winning? The pundits and prognosticators have asked these questions all season and repeatedly stated, “The Orioles don’t have any stars.”  But the Baltimore Orioles have created stars as the talent of the players and desire to win has improved drastically.

Baseball has been dead in this town for many years, but now, that Orioles Magic is uplifting the fans and reigniting the love this city has for baseball. The stats suggest the Orioles shouldn’t be competing for the pennant, let alone be in contention for a wild card spot. But the only stats that matters are wins and losses. The Orioles have proven the pundits wrong time and time again throughout the season. No one believed they could continue on the winning path, we all believed it was just a matter of time before everything would fall apart and the down trodden fan base would once again sing the phrase, “same old Orioles” and turn their televisions to the next popular reality show. But it didn’t happen, the Orioles never quit and they kept winning and believing that they could compete with any team. Slowly the fans of Baltimore and fans all over the country began to tune in, wondering if the Birds are for real. Yes they are!! Believe in the power of the Orioles Magic because it is BACK!!

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