Halftime Notes: Ravens @ Eagles


-Joe Flacco threw a gorgeous touch pass to the endzone for Jacoby Jones to send the Ravens up 14-7. Jones had beaten Nnamdi Asomugah and there was no safety help over the top so the touch throw was as safe and pretty and as pretty as you could ask for. This was one of the top 5 throws of Flaccos career.

– Flacco is on his game once again and has been nearly perfect on the game. he finished the first half with relatively low numbers but that has more to do with Ray Rice having almost 100 first half yards and the Eagles secondary playing very well.

– Turnovers have been key so far as the Ravens are plus 2 in the turnover margin so far. that makes them plus 4 through 6 quarters of play this season.

– The Ravens got ultra aggressive at the end of the half by using their time outs to force an Eagles punt which they turned into a 56 yard FG with 1 second left. Justin Tucker nailed the kick and it cleared the crossbar by at least 10 feet, it was tied for the longest FG in Ravens history.

The Ravens run D has been solid- McCoy has had a couple of good runs, but they were mostly on plays where McCoy did something spectacular, not where the Ravens broke down. Philly has 74 yards in the first half.

-Tight Ends are a problem- On both sides the majority of the passing game damage has come from the TEs, notably Brent Celek has been completely uncovered all game and has 5 receptions for 96 yards. The Ravens will need to be better in the second half.

-Bernard Pollard left the field after a sack and has not returned. this isnt a big deal yet but it could become a major hitch in the Ravens season if Pollard is seriously injured. Pollard went to the locker-room to get X-Rays and he came back out of uniform so assume he is out for the day.

– The Ravens Pass rush is greatly improved- by my count Vick has already been hit at least 12 times, the Ravens have 2 first half sacks and have been pressuring on every play.

– Ravens run blocking is elite- Ramone Harewood and Kelechi Osemele are a breath of fresh air in the run game as they have both been opening monster holes for Rice all day long. the Eagles will either have to squeeze their wide 9 pass rush closer to the inside or start bringing their safeties into the box to help in the run game, either way the Ravens benefit from the change.

-The Ravens are up 10 going into halftime, they have scored 10 straight points and they get the ball to start the half, this has the potential to be a backbreaker for the Eagles early in the quarter. enjoy the second half.