NFL Week 4 Picks


Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens should run roughshod over an overmatched Browns team.

Ravens by 14

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

The Panthers have looked alternatingly terrible and fantastic this season, The Falcons have been consistatly great and are an extremely tough out at home

Falcons by 10

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

There is simply no way the Patriots have a threepeat of losses. They will find a way to stop the bleeding.

Patriots by 20

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

The Vikings made the national stage last week with a statement win, I say they make it two in a row. Ponder is a closet stud.

Vikings by 3

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

The Titans finally showed some flashes of competence last week, but that wont be enough to slow down this Texas juggernaut.

Texans by 10

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs looked terrible weeks one and two but rode on the back of Jamaal Charles and his nearly 300 scrimmage yards to victory. This is a tough pick so I’ll take the home team.

Chiefs by 3

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Jets

The 49ers were manhandled with disturbing ease by the Vikings, The Jets run a simular style of play, but are missing Darrell Revis. The 49ers wont lose twice.

49ers by 13

Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams

The Seahawks got the cheapest win in recent memory monday night, but they will have to fight to get another on Sunday. The Rams are dangerous.

Rams by 7

Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are 3-0 and flying high on the backs of their elite defensive tackles Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett. The Dolphins OL is no match for these guys.

Cards by 6

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos

The Raiders pulled off a pleasent upset last week against the Steelers, but don’t let that trick you into thinking this is a good team. the Raiders are in rough shape. I’m still not sure Manning can throw anymore, but the Broncos have to many weapons on both sides of the ball to lose this game.

Broncos by 10

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Bengals looked great last week, they should have to much issue dealing with the Jaguars if they can replicate that success.

Bengals by 7

New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers

The Packers seem very preoccupied this week. For some reason I really just want to pick the Saints here so what the hell, I’ll do it.

Saints by 3

Washington Redskins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I love what Greg Schiano has done down in Tampa (aside from the borderline dirty victory formation blitzing). He has brought a culture of toughness to a team that had none. The Bucs are going to muscle their way to a win on the back of Doug Martin.

Bucs by 7

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a pretty lousy 2-1 team. they have turned the ball over 4 times per game so far this season. Don’t expect a change as they face a solid Giants D.

Giants by 18

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

You can hate me if you want, but I’m not a big believer in either of these teams. This game will be won by whoever shoots themselves in the foot less.

Cowboys by 3