Why the Ravens Should Run the Chiefs into the Ground


September 16, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs for a first down against the Philadelphia Eagles during third quarter action at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-US PRESSWIRE

The Ravens are coming off a nice extended break after a Thursday night win against the Browns and now prepare for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are currently 1-3 with their only win coming against the 0-4 Saints, but no NFL team should ever be overlooked.

The Ravens are fairly injury free, but both Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith have minor ankle injuries. Neither will be forced to miss the game, but at the same time the Ravens will likely try and not work either player to much to avoid further injury or re-injury.

Putting those peices together it might be easy to assume that the Ravens might have a run heavy game-plan this week. That game plan would work for two reasons. one; The Ravens rushing attack is among the most talented and effective in the league and two; it is about time for the Ravens to remind the league how good Ray Rice is.

The Browns only had 8 or more men in the box 21% of the time last week, with Ray Rice running the ball, teams should be stacking the box on 55%-65% of their plays minimum. The problem is that teams aren’t worried about the Ravens trying to pound the rock right now. It’s time to put a little fear in them.

The Chiefs run defense is decent, but they are far from being able to stop the 3 headed monster of Ray Rice, Vonta Leech and Bernard Pierce. The Ravens should be able to run wild this week.