Conflicting Reports About Suggs Status Emerge


This morning Adam Schefter of ESPN announced he has inside information that not only was Suggs ready to play, but that he was “expecting” to play on Sunday in Houston. This came as a shocker to those plugged in to the situation because most Ravens beat writers and insiders expect him to return around week 10 in mid-november. ESPN took the report and ran with it, by 11:30 a.m. there were 6 different mentions of Suggs glorious return to action. Then someone had to pump the brakes.

More reports emerged that Suggs was not set to play, nor was the coaching staff even considering playing him on Sunday. Suggs has yet to have a full practice so he is no where near close to a return. One source inside the Ravens said of Suggs early return “No Chance”. This fits more in line with the reports coming out of baltimore for weeks. The coaching staff has decided to tread carefully with Suggs and bring him back slowly.

My Guess is that Suggs wants to play Sunday. He thinks he is ready and good to go and his opinion on whether or not he would play made it to Schefter through one source or another. That said, I seriously question that the coaching staff will activate him for the game because he isn’t ready yet and they know it. We wont know until probably Sunday morning when the in-actives come out. Stay tuned for more!