Ray Lewis To Practice Thursday?


Yahoo!s Mike Silver is reporting that Ray Lewis might be practicing as soon as Today and will almost certainly be practicing next week.

The news comes as a surprise because Rays recovery was supposed to take over twice this long, but in retrospect it does make some sense. Ray has looked very comfortable on the sideline and I haven’t noticed him favoring his arm at all, He even gave Suggs a Bicep hit with his injured arm as he came off the field Sunday after sacking Phillip Rivers.

Lewis has been using a new platelet rich plasma treatment to boost his healing ability and recover faster after rehab sessions and that has led to an extremely quick recovery(not unlike Terrell Suggs similar recover earlier in the season). This is the same treatment that Hines Ward used a few years ago to recover from a 4 week leg injury in just over a week and a half to play against the Packers in the Superbowl.

Maybe it is the platelets, or maybe they are putting something in the water down in Owings Mills, but these Ravens seem to just refuse to go down.