Ravens Season On The Line; Must Pull Out of Slump


Dec 16, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed (20) in action against the Denver Broncos at M

The Baltimore Ravens are in trouble. Any fan who has watched them the past three weeks could see that. They can’t run the ball, they can pass, they can’t stop the run or the pass. their special teams has gone from leagues best to just average in the span of a month. The Ravens have dropped from second best in the league at 9-2, to middle of the pack at 9-5.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what has happened. one major issue and my pick as the root of all the problems has been the offensive line. Marshall Yanda was clearly the guy holding the line together and with him out of the lineup the Ravens haven’t been able to give Ray Rice lanes or keep Flacco clean in the pocket. that has started a domino effect that makes the entire team look bad.

Whatever the Ravens issues are, they need to get them squared away. quickly. Right now, the Ravens are in the playoffs, but if they want a home game they still need one more win. It could be against either the Giants this week or the Bengals to close the season out, but one way or another, the Ravens still need a win. It would be nice to get two of them. for all the talk about how the Ravens have been in crunch time week after week, this is the time when it really counts. Now. Sunday. the next 10 days will determine if the Ravens have the stones to go all the way, lose out and sweeping changes could be coming. Birk, Pees, Caldwell, Dickson, Reed are all guys who have a lot to play for right now. The Ravens look a long way from a championship right now, but so did the Giants 12 months ago, so did the Packers 12 months before that. this is the time when we see what the Ravens are really made of. Welcome to crunch time.