Ravens Can Save Face With a Win Today


December 16, 2012;Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) walks off the field during the game against the Denver Broncos at M

The Ravens are reeling. No if ands or buts about it. They are in the midst of their first and only three game losing streak in the Joe Flacco John Harbaugh era, The Defense has been pathetic all three weeks, the Offense has been inept all three games. Rating all time worst Ravens losses in terms of embarrassment, I would put two of the past three games in the top 10(Steelers, Broncos).

Today they face another desperate and disparaged team in the New York Giants. The Giants are coming off an absolute beat down at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons to the tune of 34-0. They are now tied for the lead in their division, a division that three weeks ago they looked like an absolute lock to win. Sound familiar?

The Ravens, for the fourth consecutive week, have a chance to win the AFC North with a victory. They have failed three straight times. They must win one of the next two. period. lose out and the Ravens probably don’t win the division(the only way to lose out and still win it is if the Steelers beat the Bengals today and then lose to the Browns next week).

These two teams are both just trying to stop the bleeding today, the Ravens need a win to seal the division, the Giants need a win just to keep pace in their division. Someone has to end their skid today. Why not the Ravens?

The Giants secondary is banged up, their DL is missing a few players as well. If the Ravens OL can keep Flaccos jersey clean, they should be able to abuse the Giants D. The bigger question for the Ravens is on defense. The Giants Offense has been even more hot and cold than the Ravens offense this year, some weeks they are unstoppable and others they are incompetent.

The Ravens are desperate. lets hope they can force the Giants into incompetency, if not, they have a monster game against the Bengals next week…..on the road.