Ravens Defeat Patriots 28-13: Advance to Superbowl


Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; (EDITORS NOTE: cropped version of a previously transmitted photo) Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Ray Lewis (middle) waves to fans as he walks off the field after the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens won 28-13. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Sorry for the lateness of this post but I have been beside myself for the past hour.

Here is what I saw during the game

-Bill Belichik denied his post game press conference and an interview with CBS. Tom Brady marched off the field without shaking Ray Lewis hand. The Patriots weren’t very good sports this year and they weren’t very good sports last year when they gloated in front of a stunned Ravens bench. Man up Patriots.

-O.J. Brigance presenting the Lamar Hunt trophy was awesome. one of the coolest moments of the Ravens season for sure, if you missed it, go check it out asap!

-The Ravens are now the only team in NFL history to win back to back games in which they were 9+ point underdogs to advance to the Superbowl, they were 9.5 point underdogs in each of the past 2. they are just the second team to beat Brady and Manning in the playoffs.

-Anquan Boldin was so calm after the game in his post game interview. I dont think i have ever seen a player win a championship game and be so calm before. Boldin was incredible tonight by the way. he had 2 scores and 60 yards in the second half after not having a touch in the first half.

-Joe Flacco. What to say about him. He is now officially a superbowl QB. That is big time stuff. He now holds the record for road playoff wins at 6(that is more than a lot of teams have in their franchise history), he has brought the Ravens to having the best win % in playoff history as a franchise. Flacco outplayed Brady tonight. in his past four games he has outplayed Brady, Manning, Luck and Brady Again. 2 first overall picks and 2 of arguably the best 2 QBs in NFL history. Flacco has officially arrived as an Elite QB.

– The Ravens D was incredible this week. they were incredible last week. in the last combined 54 minutes of the past two games(24 against the Broncos and 30 against the Patriots) the Ravens have allowed 0 points to the two best offenses in the NFL. That is absolutely incredible.

-Who has it better than the Harbaughs? NOOOOOOOOBODY

-no.4 seeds are now 7-1 in the AFC Championship game. it is an odd stat but it exists.

-Tom Brady is now 67-1 when leading after one half of a home game. first loss ever, just the second loss for Belichik in the same scenario.

-Talk about excersizing some demons. the Ravens beat The Colts(the team that abandoned Baltimore), Peyton Manning(the Man That Tortured Baltimore) and New England(the team that robbed them of a championship) and now they get a shot at Johns little brother Jim. They have cleansed the city, Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and have a shot to do the same for John Harbaugh in that order.

– For the first time in franchise history not a single Ravens player will play in the Probowl, and that is a very good thing.

– Good luck to the Ravens in 2 weeks. We will offer all of the coverage leading up to the game so stay tuned in to Ebonybird.com!