Ravens Arrival Recap(part 2): Ray Lewis


-Lewis started the press conference by giving an update on his grandmothers health situation. He said they had basically decided to pull the plug soon, but his hopes and prayers were always with her.

-Lewis spoke highly of the focus level of the Ravens. He said the collective Wisdom level of the team is very high and he expects them to work hard and keep their heads down.

-Lewis Reminised about his first career sack on Jim Harbaugh. He said back then he was just a rookie running around trying to make plays. He joked about his sack celebration dance as well.

-Ray said Flacco has been, in his eyes, proven since day one. He did say that this year he took the next step to mature as a man and take ahold of the offense and step up. He described Joe as a great athlete and compared him to Randall Cuningham.

-Ray reassured that this is truly his last game. He says it is time for him to be a father and that his community is calling him. He said he had run his course through this game and that he was still playing because he wanted to be there and help guys like Suggs and Reed feel what it felt like when that confetti dropped.

-Ray said there were no hard feelings between him and Wes Welkers wife after he comments last week. He did indirectly call her a fool which i got a chuckle from. Her comments were completely inappropriate though and why they didn’t get more attention baffles me.

-He described his hunger as “off the charts” and said he will be watching film and studying all week non stop because he owed it to his team to give them everything he had.