NFL 2013 Hall Of Fame: Who Will Get In?


Dec. 4, 2012; New York, NY, USA; Jonathan Ogden speaks at the NFF annual awards press conference at the Waldorf-Astoria before being inducted into the 2012 college football hall of fame. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday the NFL will announce which players and coaches will be inducted into the hall of fame. It is always a big deal and it is a great moment for the 3-5 modern era and 0-2 inductees from further back.

Just focussing on the modern era guys, I thought i would take a guess at who gets in this time around. Here is my best shot at it.

First and foremost, I think 5 guys will get in. There is a huge logjam of deserving players and the only way they can hope to start clearing it is to keep inducting the maximum number of candidates which of course is 5.

1. Jonathan Ogden- Ogden is one of three guys I am considering a lock. He is arguably the best LT of all time and he played at the height of his position and at the height of his poisition in the league(in terms of era). When the league had more great LTs than any other time, Ogden was the best(or tied for the best with Pace). Ogden is a sure fire first ballot inductee and the first true Raven in the hall.

2. Larry Allen- Allen is my second lock. like Ogden, Allen is a first time nominee and I think he is a sure fire HOFer. At his time, he was one of the most dominant players in the league.

3. Charles Haley- My third guy I am calling a lock. Maybe it is a stretch to say he is a lock since has been a finalist multiple times, but come on voters, this man has waited long enough, it is time.

4. Chris Carter- They have got to break this log jam at WR. Carter is the best of the bunch for my money, the guy had the best hands in NFL history and if you think Randy Moss would have lasted long enough to be back in the super bowl sunday without the mentorship of Carter, think again. Chris Carter deserves entry.

5. Either Ed Debartelo Jr or Art Modell- I think the Voters will take one of these guys, but they both have their drawbacks. Modell is hated by a decent chunk of league fans for taking the Browns from Cleveland. Debartelo has some serious legal issues that led to him being banned from NFL ownership for one year and eventually forced out of the 49ers organization. Both men did great things, one was a 5 time Super Bowl champ and instrumental to the greatest dynasty in NFL history, the other paved the way for the modern NFL and the modern TV experience. The NFL might not still exist if not for these guys, i think either one or the other finally gets his due.