2013 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Offensive Tackles


Nov 10, 2012; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers offensive tackle Oday Aboushi (72) blocks Miami Hurricanes linebacker Tyrone Cornileus (31) at Scott Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Another group the Ravens will be active with is the OT class. The Ravens have a decision to Make with Bryant McKinney. McKinney might have priced himself out of the Ravens range with his stellar playoff run, either way, Mckinney has a sketchy track record and is getting old anyway so from now until they either a. find a new one or b. Oher proves he can be one, the Ravens should be looking high and low for a LT that they can actually get(i.e. a late first rounder).

Class Overview: This is a solid but unspectacular class. The top end is incredible with both Luke Joekel and Eric Fisher being spectacular players, but after that things get much more average. There is definitely solid value to be had in the 3rd and 4th rounds though. Class Grade: B.

1. Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M- (update 2/18/13)The Ravens have absolutely no shot at this guy so I will keep it short. Joeckel is the best tackle in the draft, a guaranteed top 3 pick and about as safe as they get. Pro Comparison: Joe Thomas, Cleveland.

2. Eric Fisher, Central Michigan- (update 2/18/13)Like Joeckel, The Ravens have no shot here so again, I will keep it short. Fisher is a small school guy who is a bit more risky than Joeckel since we havent seen him tak on elite competition, but as a raw talent he has a higher ceiling. It wouldnt be shocking to see Fisher jump over Joeckel as we approach the draft, he goes no lower than 7 to the Cardinals. Pro Comparison: Jake Long(pre-injury).

3. Lane Johnson, Oklahoma- (update 2/18/13) Johnson is a super athletic and long tackle. He has all the skills and ability to be a franchise LT for the next dcade for any team who takes him. He is extremely scheme diverse thanks to his stellar technique and athletisism. The Ravens only have a shot here is he takes a Michael Oher-esque slide on draft day. Pro Comparison: Nate Solder(with better feet).

4. D.J. Fluker, Alabama- (update 2/18/13) Fluker is an interesting prospect. He spent most of his time at Alabama on the right side, but he has all the skill and ability to play on the left(he did spend a year playing LT). He is an absolute mauler in the run game, but he has a bad habit of poor pass protection. Most of that stems from poor footwork but that is a very teachable issue. He could be a low risk high reward option at the end of the first round. Pro Comparison: Andre Smith(without the weight issues). 

5. Oday Aboushi, Virginia- (update 2/18/13)I am quite a bit higher on Aboushi than most people are. i have him as a firm second round prospect with a big time upside. He needs to bulk up, but I love his athleticism and speed. He is extremely fast, he will probably outrun every tackle at the combine. He is incredibly effective as a zone run blocker and his athleticism allows him to be a very talented pass protector. He needs a ton of work on his hands, but that is one of the easier things to coach and he could be a big time value in the second round and a perfect fit for the Ravens.

6. Brennen Williams, UNC

7. Chris Faulk, LSU

8. Menelik Watson, FSU- (update 2/18/13)Menelik is a guy who is quickly rising right now. He has been linked to the Ravens often due to his proximity as most people think he will end up being a late first rounder or early second rounder, but I don’t see it. Watson is a RT with potential to become a LT in the future, the Ravens already have 3 starting calibre RTs on their roster(Oher, Osemele, Reid) and don’t need another. He has upside, but I wouldn’t be super happy with another RT in the first round, maybe in the second. Pro Comparison: Micheal Oher, Baltimore(highly athletic but questionable at LT)

9. Jordan Mills, La. Tech

10. Ricky Wagoner, Wisconsin

11. Alex Hurst, LSU

12. Justin Pugh, Syracuse

13. Xavier Nixon, Florida

14. La’Adrian Waddle, Texas Tech

15. Brian Winters, Kent St.- (update 2/18/13)Winters is a guy who I have seen linked to the Ravens at least twice in the late rounds. I haven’t gotten a chance to do much film study on him but I will have much more info after the combine when I update these rankings.

16. Tanner Hawkinson, Kansas