Ravens Top 10 Worst Draft Picks Of the Last 10 Years: #10 Terrence Cody


Nov 25, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Terrence Cody (62) reacts on the sideline during the fourth quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With The Draft upcoming, i thought it would be appropriot to take a look at some of the shining accomplishment and most glaring faults in terms of draft picks.

First I will be starting with The Ravens 10 worst draft picks. I have a few parameters here.

  1. No picks outside of round 3 were considered. It isnt really fair to call a seventh rounder a bad pick because he never played.
  2. No Current Starters, a starter cant really be considered a bad pick unless they were a high pick who hasn’t paned out(spoiler alert, the Ravens don’t have any of those).

Those arent shackling restraints, but because the Ravens draft so well in the first three rounds, this was actually a bit of a challenge. This list is riddled with career ending injuries(or series of injuries) and crazy improbable events that changed the career of the player involved.

One guy that I really didnt feel like belonged on this list, has landed at 10th because there simply wasnt anyone else to choose from.

That Man Is Terrance Cody.

Cody doesnt really deserve to be here. He has had 1 year as a learning rookie, one year as an extremely promising young player who looked ready to be a superstar(or at least as big a star as a nose tackle can be), and then one injury plagued season where he looked like a complete bum. It is way to early to close the book on Cody. He needs another year, yet here he is by default, the 10th worst pick in the past decade.

Cody finds himself here based entirely off of this past seasons performance. He was terrible in every facet of the game. He couldn’t play the run, he couldn’t absorb blocks or get off blocks. He was non existent in the pass rush, the list goes on and on. Cody has to improve to guarantee himself a roster spot next year. He has to improve to get himself off the list of the 10 worst Ravens draft picks of the past decade.