Bryan Hall To Play Linebacker Next Season


August 17, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill (14) slides past Baltimore Ravens tackle Bryan Hall (95) at M

About a week ago the Ravens re-signed Bryan Hall to a one year prove it contract worth $480,000. Now we know that Hall will be competing at ILB for a roster spot or a possible starting role, not at his normal DT position.

Normally a move from tackle to linebacker would be unprecedented, but Hall was always to small to be playing DT anyway. He weighs just 284 lbs. I would expect him to try and shed at least 15-20 lbs during the offseason because 284, while small for a 3-4 defensive lineman, is downright huge for a linebacker.

Having Hall compete at ILB just gives the Ravens a little more depth and one more starting option at the position. The depth is the important thing because the Ravens are perilously thin on the inside since the departures of Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe. I expect the Ravens to add 2 ILBs to the draft as well. That will give the Ravens the opportunity to just throw everything at the wall and see who sticks so to speak.

I like Hall as an athlete, he has a ton of promise and potential, but hasn’t found a position he can play since entering the league. This is likely his last shot to stick around with the Ravens.