Ravens Top 10 Worst Draft Picks Of the Last 10 Years: #3 Sergio Kindle


July 29, 2011;Owings Mills, MD, USA;Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle (94) talks to teammates during training camp at the Baltimore Ravens training facility. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With The Draft upcoming, i thought it would be appropriot to take a look at some of the shining accomplishment and most glaring faults in terms of draft picks.

First I will be starting with The Ravens 10 worst draft picks. I have a few parameters here.

  1. No picks outside of round 3 were considered. It isnt really fair to call a seventh rounder a bad pick because he never played.
  2. No Current Starters, a starter cant really be considered a bad pick unless they were a high pick who hasn’t paned out(spoiler alert, the Ravens don’t have any of those).

Those arent shackling restraints, but because the Ravens draft so well in the first three rounds, this was actually a bit of a challenge. This list is riddled with career ending injuries(or series of injuries) and crazy improbable events that changed the career of the player involved.

And Here is the player that defined the crazy improbable career ending event. Mr. Sergio Kindle.

Sergio Kindle was the Ravens top pick in the 2010 draft, The Ravens took him in the second round after trading out of the first(so the Broncos could select Tim Tebow). Kindle vowed to win defensive rookie of the year, Ravens fans were pretty excited to have him, he looked poised to breakout as the next Ravens mega steal of the draft. Then came the incident. Sergio Kindle, staying at a friends house, fell down 2 flights of stairs in the middle of the night. He fractured his skull and suffered massive head trauma which resulted in him losing hearing in one ear and having balance and depth perception issues. All of these added up to basically end Kindles career. Kindle saw some action as a special teamer and a very limited number of snaps on defense(mostly in the preseasons of 2011 and 2012).

The Ravens released him earlier this year, Kindle got some minor interest from a few teams, but Kindle is currently a free agent. He is likely done in the NFL.

Due to the bizarre nature of Kindle circumstances, I really didnt even like to include him on this list. Kindle was a bad pick, basically a wasted pick, but there was no possible way the Ravens or anyone else could have ever foreseen or predicted that Kindle would fall down a flight of stairs and never be the same. Kindle is a bust, but he isnt a normal, the team screwed up bust. Truth be told, I have a soft spot for Kindle, I have always felt sorry for him to have so much potential ruined by an accident. Such a shame.