With draft day nearing…Ravens plans are still a mystery


We are now two weeks away from the start of the NFL draft and the Baltimore Ravens draft strategy is more secure then a hanger at Area 51.  Sure, the Ravens have lost a lot of talent; but, they have filled many of their needs with the signings of Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Elvis Dumervil, Michael Huff, and yesterday’s signing of Rolando McClain.  The Ravens don’t have any glaring holes that they HAVE to fill with their first round pick.

This puts the Ravens in a great draft position.  The Ravens still need a cornerback, a safety, an inside linebacker, a wide receiver, a tackle, and a center.  They have 12 draft picks to shore up these needs and also add some depth to the roster.  So, Baltimore can trade up, trade down, or just draft the “best available” player remaining with the 32nd overall pick .

The Baltimore Ravens have a great draft-day track record because they never “reach” for players and they don’t draft for need.  They take the best available player on their board, no matter what position, or they trade out of that spot if the guy they want isn’t available or is deemed too high to take in that spot.  The fact there are no glaring needs only makes it harder to predict what the Ravens are going to do.

Ozzie Newsome is the best GM in football.  He has a plan and he has worked “his plan” flawlessly this offseason.  He has added some great football players at very good (and in some cases very cheap) prices.  Come September, this team will look a lot different, but, rest assured Ravens fans this team will be good and challenging for another playoff berth.