Ozzie Newsome Doesn’t Like You Insinuating Teo Has Character Issues


The Ravens had their pre draft press conference this week and, to me, the most interesting note was how Ozzie responded to questions about Teo and his perceived Character concerns.

from Baltimoreravens.com

"“We had that question in our first meeting, and what is the issue?” Newsome responded.“Is that beating women? Is that using drugs? Is it DUI? How do you clarify that? I couldn’t.”"

Newsome was pretty intense(by Newsome standards) and very much put the reporter asking the question on the spot. there was a strong sense that Newsome was protecting Teo to a certain degree.

Overall it was a very interesting interaction. Newsome wasn’t alone in his defense of Teo, coach John Harbaugh also stepped up to praise Teo. When asked if He was comfortorable with Teo as a leader, he responded

"“Absolutely we do,” Harbaugh said. “We’re comfortable with him. We had a great interview.”“You look at his body of work, what he has accomplished, who he is as a person, where he comes from,” Harbaugh said. “We feel good about Manti.”"

Overall the Ravens brass seemed extremely positive about Teo. I would be shocked if they passed him up at 32, however, i would be even more shocked if he even made it to 32. If the Ravens want him they are going to have to go get him.