Ravens Most Wanted: Round 2: #4 Justin Pugh


Its time to dust off an old classic, The Ravens most wanted list. Long time readers might remember this from the past 2 years. basically this is a list of what i think are the Ravens top five targets in the first and second rounds. We start at 5th target in the 2nd round and work our way all the way down to the number 1 first round target. Lets get it going!

Today lets take a look at a guy that most project as a guard, but Eric DeCosta recently called a left tackle. Justin Pugh, offensive lineman from syracuse.

The Ravens have quietly been very interested in Pugh. They met with Pugh at the Senior Bowl and then again at the combine and then they brought him in for a private workout in Owings Mills. There is some speculation that Pugh couls be a first round target of the Ravens. Maybe I am off base, but I just dont see first round talent when I look at Pugh. I also don’t see a left tackle(of course, Eric DeCosta clearly knows better than I do, but everything team officials say this time of year has the potential to be a lie). Pugh might get a shot at LT, but I think he will find a place as a guard in the NFL.

Pugh would be a very good pick in the second round because he would bring the Ravens more depth on the offensive line which is something they desperately need. Pugh could also potentially compete for the center job currently held by Gino Gradkowski.

Here Is the Rest of the Ravens most wanted. You can also check out the ebonybird.com draft page for more on the draft prospects.

Round 2

5. Sio Moore

4. Justin Pugh

3. Coming Tomorrow

2. 4/20/13

1. Coming 4/21/13

Round 1 Coming Draft Week!