Poll: Margus Hunt vs. Jesse Williams


Nov 17, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Southern Methodist Mustangs defensive end Margus Hunt (92) against the Rice Owls in the second quarter at Rice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Who is ready for todays poll?

Today we have a showdown between two foreign imports with high upside, Jesse Williams, DL, Alabama and Margus Hunt, Ath, SMU.

Margus Hunt

Hunt isa former track athlete from Estonia who has absolutely off the charts athletic ability. He is an incredibly rare player from a size speed ratio perspective and has an upside that matches his absurd measurables. however, he has basically zero technique. Hunt played defensive end and tight end in college, and is probably a defensive end or tackle in the NFl, but there have been quite a few rumors of teams working him out as a tight end. You might have noticed I listed Hunts position as “athlete” earlier. that is the reason. Hunt has a huge frame and could be a pass tipping nightmare if he learns how to play football. As it stands now though, he is forced out of way to many plays and just doesn’t make a consistent impact on the game, even when playing second tier college competition. Hunts biggest issue is that he has little feel for the game. He looks completely lost far to often and seems to just run around freelance way to much. He needs to play with more intuition and control. Hunt could be a monster, but he also has perhaps the highest bust potential of any player in the draft.

Jesse Williams

Williams is also a foreign import. He hails from Australia and is a former rugby star. Williams is a much much more sound player fundamentally. He pushes blockers around and always finds a way to leave his mark on a play. He was the anchor of the stellar Alabama championship defenses the past 2 years. Williams need some work, but he is much further along in his growth as a football player. Williams posses very good athleticism, similar to what Haloti Ngata has(though not quite to that level), but he is not anywhere near the athlete that hunt is. The positive for Williams though is that he has a better understanding of the game, rarely is forced out of plays and has a much much lower bust potential. at worst, Williams is a serviceable 3-4 DE.

So who will it be? the safer big man with Haloti Ngata Upside? or the riskier but more athletic player with no real position who could be the next JJ Watt? You Decide! Vote Below.