Ravens Most Wanted: Round 2: #1 Terron Armstead


Feb 23, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Arkansas-Pinebluff offensive lineman Terron Armstead takes a rest on the bench after participatin in on the field workouts during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Its time to dust off an old classic, The Ravens most wanted list. Long time readers might remember this from the past 2 years. basically this is a list of what i think are the Ravens top five targets in the first and second rounds. We start at 5th target in the 2nd round and work our way all the way down to the number 1 first round target. Lets get it going!

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a virtual tie for the first spot between Swearinger(follow the link at the bottom of this post to see what i said about him) and Armstead.

As It stands today, Swearinger is a better player than Armstead, however, Armstead has a much higher ceiling and the importance level of the LT position vastly outweighs the importance of the SS position.

Armstead burst onto the scene following a great combine performance where he made the 40 yard dash look like childs-play by registering a 4.65 weighing well over 300 lbs. Armstead has really great feet and quickness, he moves very well and has the long arms you want in a LT prospect. When you turn on his tape he looks dominant. That said, his competition at Arkansas Pine-Bluff was less than elite.  Armstead is on of the bigger boom or bust picks in this draft. He could be a franchise LT, or a third string backup for his whole career.

Armstead is also extrmely tough. He played through a sprained AC Joint all season last year. For anyone who doesnt know, a sprained AC is a shoulder injury and it makes it extremely difficult and painful to push forward with your shoulder, like you know, every single play for a tackle. Armstead played through the pain all last season and still looked like a stud on every play.

Armstead could end up being the steal of the draft. He could probably move to guard if he fails at tackle.

Here Is the Rest of the Ravens most wanted. You can also check out the ebonybird.com draft page for more on the draft prospects.

Round 2

5. Sio Moore

4. Justin Pugh

3. Eric Reid

2. DJ Swearinger

1. Terron Armstead

Round 1 Coming Draft Week!