Scouting Report: Menelik Watson


September 29, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Rashad Greene (80) is congratulated by offensive linesman Menelik Watson (71) after they scored a touchdown against the South Florida Bulls during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today We have the next scouting report to get you prepped for the draft. Lets take a closer look at Menelik Watson, the Offensive Tackle from Florida St..

What He Does Well

Watson is a highly athletic and instinct driven player. He shows a much better understanding for the game than one would expect given his limited experience. Watson is very strong and has a prototype LT body with good footwork to match. He needs work on his technique, but given how much has learned in 2 years, there is no reason to beleive the pro game will be to big for him. He is an exceptionally fast learner. I mentioned his inexperience before, but not the extent of that inexperience. Watson has only played in 16 football games. In his entire life. the fact that he is even mentioned as a draftable prospect is a testament to his ability, the fact that he is a possible first rounder is insane. Watson isnt as good of an athlete as he is sometimes given credit for(i.e. he is no Trent Williams) but he is still a very good athlete and regardless of how well he pans out as a pro, he will immediately be one of the top 10 or so most athletic tackles in the league. Watson has had some good games, he completely dominated most of his college opposition because of his superior size and strength, but will that translate to the NFL where everyone is just as big and strong as he is?

Where He Needs Work

He has only been playing football for 2 years(16 total games) so basically all he has is instinct. Watson has passable technique, but he needs to learn to bend his hips better and move his feet so he can be in position to punch and not reach at defenders. He is raw. As raw as you can imagine. That said, in a draft with 3 elite tackles, he might be the best tackle in 5 years. He has lockdown blindside potential because of his prototype body. He just needs a ton of work. This guy is a project.


Watson is probably worth a gamble, but I dont think I would touch him in the first round. He is just too risky. That said, project players tend to slide and were the Ravens to trade back 10-12 spots, Watson would be a legitimate option for them. I have seen Watson projected as high as 15th overall, which I think is insane. But thanks to the high upside, I would understand were he to go high. Thanks to the risk, I would understand if he slides.