Poll: Menelik Watson vs. Justin Pugh


Here is the next up in our daily polls leading up to the draft.

Todays edition features the boundless potential of Menelik Watson vs. the incredible smarts of Justin Pugh.

Justin Pugh

Justin Pugh is a very smart player. In fact, one scout recently referred to him as the smartest player he has seen in his 12 years in the NFL. Pugh is smart enough to understand pass protection as the play unfolds and he plays with just enough mean streak to get by with. He has short arms and probably is better off as a G than as a LT, but he could possibly be a LT because of his good footwork and intelligence.

Menelik Watson

Watson is the very definition of a raw player. He is a big time gamble. He has just 16 games of American Football under his belt. thats it, at any level. 16 games. The fact the Watson is a potential first rounder after that few number a games is incredible and it speaks to the talent level of Watson. Watson played RT in college, but he projects well to LT because of his textbook size and above average foot-speed. He could end up being the steal of the draft…or he could be a monster bust.

I put it to you Ravens Nation, Watson or Pugh?