Poll: Arthur Brown vs. Khaseem Greene?


Here is the next installment in our daily poll series.

Today we decide between the fiery Arthur Brown and the technician Khaseem Greene.

This is a poll based on the second round pick, not the first.

Neither of these players are traditional 3-4 type players, but they have the ability and the NFL is going smaller and faster at linebacker to adapt to the passing game taking over.

Khaseem Greene

Greene is a master technician. He has good feet, good hips when he drops into coverage and he almost always wraps up on his tackles. He is sized like a traditional 4-3 OLB, but Greene could make the swap to inside of a 3-4 because of the style of play the league is going to. Greene is a very safe pick and at worst he could be a situational player on obvious passing downs. He isnt much of a pass rusher, but he does everything else very well.

Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown is a flat out leader. He plays the game with a ton of passion and spirit. He reminds me a bit of Ray Lewis in that way. Brown is also a bit small, but he, like Greene, should be able to adapt. Brown isnt as good dropping into coverage as Greene is, but he is a little better against the run and has some potential as a Blitzing LB in certain situations.

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