5 Last Second Draft Predictions


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the NFL shield logo and main stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft upon us, lets take one last look at some last second predictions.

1. Jamie Collins is going higher than you think- Jamie collins is a prototype 3-4 OLB from southern Mississipi. Through most of the draft process he has been projected as a late second or third rounder. Today I am saying he doesnt get past 40. I think he might be taken in the late first. Teams will love his pass rushing ability, he is the most complete and polished 3-4 OLB in this draft.

2. The Ravens will trade 3 or more times- They might trade in every round. I love guys for them in each round, there are some they should trade down and still snag(Ogletree, Allen in the first) and some they need to trade up to go get(Swearinger in the 2nd). The Ravens are going to be very very active this weekend.

3. At least 3 QBs will go in the first round- forget all the talk about the QB class being weak. no one cares. teams without a QB will be reaching for one like they always do. Geno Smith will be a first rounder, either Nassib or Barkley will go to the Bills and some team will trade into the late first to get either Nassib, Barkley(whoever the bills pass on) or EJ Manuel. I wouldnt be surprised to see all 4 go in the 1st and there has been some buzz that Landry Jones of Oklahoma might sneak in as well.

4. Kevin Minter Will slide, Teo will rise- I have liked Teo over Minter from day one, here is where I put up or shut up. I predict Teo will go 19 or higher. i think the Vikings will trade up to get him before 19 to the bears, but the bears are his floor. I think Minter will slide to the mid second or later.

5. At least one team in the first round will make a huge trade- The 49ers, Falcons, Ravens and Vikings have all been linked to big trade speculation(I am defining big trade as a trade of more than 10 spots). at least one of those teams will pull the trigger and make a big move.