2013 NFL Draft: Ravens Best Options Day 3


Nov 19, 2011; Knoxville,TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers wide receiver Da

Two days are in the books and the Ravens have done pretty well for themselves netting 2 players who were generally considered first round caliber players and one second round grade.  The Ravens almost always net some steals day three and considering there are some high talent players left on the board, there is a good chance the Ravens will do so.

here are the best options in each round.

Round 4

1. Da’Rick Rogers- Rogers is far and away the most talented player left on the board. If it weren’t for him being an idiot off the field, he probably would have been a top 15 pick. With his off field issues, Rogers was still considered by most to be a second or third round player. He projects as a potentially dominant slot receiver who is extremely physical and big bodied. The Ravens should be aggressively going after him in the fourth round. That picture of him above…He caught that ball, it started out being way over his head and he tipped it to himself for the touchdown. plays like that are the norm with Rogers.

2. Jesse Williams- Many people had Jesse Williams going in the first round. Some others had him as an early second rounder. No One, had him lasting until the third day. Not one person. Yet, here we stand. Williams doesn’t even come close to filling a need for the Ravens, but if Rogers is gone, Williams is the most talented player left.

3. Bacarri Rambo- Rambo is the best pure center field safety in the draft. He needs some time to grow, but he has the makings of a potential starter with some development. Rambo is a very good player, but I actually have him rated below the next player on my list.

4. Phillip Thomas- Phillip Thomas is, in my mind, the most complete FS in the draft. He isnt the best at anything, but he does everything well. Like Rambo he is a center field type player. Thomas has a ton of potential but a leg injury that cost him his first senior season(he was granted another year of eligibility after the injury) and his small school background have driven him down. Thomas might be the best free safety from this draft 5 years from now.

5. David Bahktiari- One of the most under the radar player in the draft, David is a potential left tackle. He has a good tackle body and good feet but needs some polish and development. you probably need to sit him a year or move him inside for a year before putting him in the edge, but he is an eventual starter.

Round 5

1. B.W. Webb- I am high on Webb, I like the idea of bringing in a potential return man to spell Jacoby Jones, especially since the Ravens have declined to take a WR in the draft thus far. Webb also has potential as a slot corner and could be a nickel defender for them down the road.

2. Chris Harper- Harper is another big bodied physical slot receiver. The Ravens have shown a lot of interest in him. he doesn’t have great speed and he doesn’t get good separation, even in college, but he is very physical and he consistently high-points the ball and makes difficult catches.

3. Nico Johnson- Johnson would add another competitor at ILB for the Ravens. Johnson is a downhill thumper and a 2 down linebacker. He has some good upside, but he probably is never more than a situational player and a defender. He would be a good scheme fit though.

4. Demetrius McCray- McCray, to me, is the most under-rated player in this draft. Most people have never heard of him, but he has some serious potential. He is a long rangy corner with serious potential as a press man corner with good ball skills. McCray projects as a starter in a year or two but he needs time to adjust to the NFL game coming from a small school.

5. Cobi Hamilton- I love Cobi Hamilton. He is yet another big bodied slot guy. He runs a 4.5 40 at 6’2″ 215 lbs. He moves well and catches the ball nicely and away from his body. Hamilton isn’t as good as Rogers or Harper who I mentioned above, but he is a nice safety option for the Ravens should they strike out elsewhere.

Round 6

1. Jordan Mills- Mills is the last potential LT on the board. If the Ravens cant land one sooner, now is the time.

2. Keith Pough- The Ravens have flirted with Pough all draft season, he projects as an inside linebacker and would compete to start inside. He probably will play special teams for a while like Jameel McClain, Dannell Ellerbe and Bart Scott before him before potentially becoming a starter down the road.

3. Aron Mellette- Mellette is another player the Ravens have flirted with. He is, stop me if you have heard this before, a big bodied physical slot receiver with good hands. Mellette has dropped due to some concerns about his competition at Elon, but he could be a monster steal.

4. Quanterous Smith- Smith is easily the best pass rusher left in the draft. He suffered a torn ACL last year and had taken a massive hit because of it. Many thought Smith would be a possible first rounder if he hadnt been hurt.

5. Terry Hawthorne- I like Hawthorne a lot at corner, I thought he would surprise people by going on day 2, but he is still on the board and there has been little to no buzz around him. He could still be a round 4 pick, but it isnt out of the question that he lasts this long. He is just another corner to add to the Ravens rotation.

Round 7

1. Xavier Nixon- Nixon could go way earlier than this, but he would add more depth to the Ravens OL. He is probably more of a RT, but he could possibly be a LT in the future.

2. Kyle Juszczyk- The best fullback in the draft. The Ravens always like guys who are the best at their position, They also have a tenuous situation developing with the contract of Vonta Leach and could use either a fallback option or a guy to groom for a year behind Leach.

3. Ray Ray Armstrong- Armstrong is another character concern guy. He was dismissed from Miami for his off-field conduct, but he has talent if he can get it together. Armstrong would be a little redundant considering he has a similar skill set to Elam(Elam is a far superior player though), but he has some talent.

4. Steve Williams- Williams is another corner to watch, he would enter the Ravens corner rotation immediately and add special teams ability.

5. Marquess Wilson- Wilson is an interesting guy. He quit the team at Washington St. claiming he was mistreated by the coaching staff. This has raised serious concerns about his commitment to football and his own conduct in the locker-room and with coaches. He does have legitimate talent though, he could have been a second round pick before he quit on his team.