What Is Next For The Ravens?


Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; Baltimore Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie (72) and left guard Kelechi Osemele (78) block for quarterback Joe Flacco (5) against the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens defeated the Patriots 28-13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have had a big week. They finished the draft, got half their draft class signed to contracts and got a deal with the only LT on the free agent market by re-signing Bryant McKinnie. With that adition, the Ravens off season is starting to look pretty good.

Lose basically all your free agents. check.

Sign some under the radar players. check.

Get the biggest steal of free agency. check.

Kill the draft. check.

Sign the problem child offensive lineman for less than market value. check.

So now what?

The Short answer, aside from finish signing your rookies, is nothing. There isnt a free agent on the market worth pursuing, the draft is over, full OTAs aren’t really going for a few more days. ideally now is the time to take a load off and relax a bit. Maybe get a call into Jacksonville as I suggested this morning, but overall this is pretty much dead time.

The key here, is to enjoy the down time, but always be ready to pounce should something change. If a good player is cut by another team, you have to be ready for it. Sign the rookies, keep an eye on the league and stay ever-ready for the opportunity to improve.